How do you set up a date?

First I require a light screening process before meeting any new friends
This is for my safety and peace of mind.  <3
Sorry to those of you whom it may disappoint, but I do not see Newbies.

I require 2 provider references as well as work verification, or If you are a member of Rs2k, p411 or Date-Check with 2 or more provider okays, this is more than sufficient.


PLEASE. Nothing is a bigger turn off than B.O. or Bad Breath.
I am always well groomed/ freshly showered, I expect the same in return as we will both have more fun that way.

Extra-curricular Activites?

Any questions you have can be answered by reading my reviews. I do not answer explicit questions & appreciate that they are not asked. Just go to my Links & Reviews page for anything you have a question about thank you ;)

Tuiton Donations?

Discussion of is not to occur at any time, just place the contribution to my tuition in plain view upon meeting. I am a beautiful 1 of a kind young lady with a body to die for & I will not  be haggled. I will never short you on your time or level of service ( A+++) so please treat me with the same respect.


Not required & is never expected or asked but is always appreciated. if you choose to do so.